Jan 28, 2009

Happy Hump day!

Question of the day! Do you ever feel like god has given you more than you can handle?

I know the saying go's god never gives us more than we can handle, however my goodness how much can a person deal with. I am writing this for my own personal issues so I can get it off my chest. Here's the deal. For the past year to year and a half I feel like life has been a bad blurr. Sometimes I wonder why me? What have I done to deserve all this drama. Have I been a bad mom, coworker, friend, person?! Who knows. I mean goodness it all started with my dad passing away, to grandma getting Alzheimer(going from stage 1 to 4) and me feeling very guilty for not being with her, to All the drama with Justin, knee surgery, the house issues, my health issues, two of my favorite pt's passing away in the past three weeks and if that isnt enough now issues with work. So I ask how much is too much? I seem to be in a slump and have no clue as to how to turn this slump around. I used to come in my craft room and create, somehow that would always make me feel better. now I dont even want to do that! LOL, if I talk at work its taken as me being mean or sarcastic, if I dont talk then its taken as me being mad. I swear when is enough enough?! How do I act like everything is ok when it's not? How do we act all happy go lucky when were not?

Jan 26, 2009

Here is a name frame I made for our PA's sons play room. Guess you figured out that his playroom has a beach theme. It has waves in the wall with surf boards even dolphines. I have to admit his room is so so so CUTE! My next project will be a surf board mirriw for his bath room.
The thing I love about this project is, I used scraps form my 12 x 12 layouts. And made a little boy and his mommy Happy...
My chllened this week for you is to get out some scraps and make something out of your rhelm.
Happy Monday everyone

Jan 24, 2009

Happy Saturday crafters. I can not believe I have been MIA for a week. My goodness where did the time fly?! This has been a very interesting week to say the least.

On Wed I was lucky (NOT) and got to have a Transvaginal utlrasound. They found I have several cyst and fibroids some have burst causing a lot of pain!!! They have me on some medication to help stop pain until I can get into see the OGYN to see what they are going to do. You would think they would work me in but heck no I get to go on the 2nd of Feb. Nothing like waiting huh!

On Tuesday I found out that Hospice is being called in for my Grandmother. That in itself was very hard to hear. My grandmother and I have always been close and to know her Alzheimers has gone from stage one to four in a matter of two years is difficult. As a Matter of fact my son Justin and I are the only two people grandmother remembers right now. I speak with her everyday on the phone (she lives in Texas) and I can hear it in her voice that she is ready to be with the lord. I am very torn right now due the fact they had to have a hospital bed brought in, she is now in diapers and has the be feed, bathed and you get the picture. Here's where I am torn, My grandmother is one of the most remarkable women I have ever known. I always wanted to have just an ounce of the strength and courage she has. I dont want to see her the way she is right now. I want to remember her the qay she has always been, strong, tough, sweet, smartest person I've ever known. I dont want to see her broken. Does that make me selfish? I know god doesnt give us more than we can handle but dang it I sure wish he would slow down a bit! LOL

Needless to say I havent even walked in my play room all week. I am planning to work on some type of project to keep my mind busy. Anyone have any great ideas?! Other than That my very good friend Marji and I are planning on visting another good friend to go to the Great american scrapbook convention in June. I am really looking forward to getting together with the girls. We always have a GREAT time together!

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday night.



Jan 17, 2009

Good Sunday Morning everyone! It sure seem's as if this weekend flew bye quickly. I cant believe work is early tomorrow morning. Monday's are crazy in a medical office to say the least. Seem's like we do tons of Physical's and ton's of blood work. I sure wish the weekend's would go slower. Ha... dont we all?!

I decided to stay up late lastnight and work on a name frame. A good friend asked me to make one for his cousin's wedding. I drug out several SU stamps and CS. Along with Hodge poge hardware. I love the hardware sets SU sells..... If you havent tried them you should! I am pretty Happy with the end results.

Have a blessed Sunday!



Hope everyone is having a super Saturday! I woke up planning on doing a little shopping. I NEED/Want the new Vera Bradley handbags. Love the new Purple Passion one! Unfort. when I went yesterday after work they didnt have the style I wanted so I bought Ashley one instead of me.... Whats a mom for! Anyway I went ahead and came in the ole craft room and started creating. I needed to make a few cards for a swap I am in and finally decided on one of my cards. I like so many others are crazy about the CUTE Riley moose stamps. I got out that wonderful Green machine (cuttle bug) and some of SU new in color paper, a few copic and let my mind go. I am pretty pleased with the turn out. I sure hope the girls in the Riley swap are too!

Have a wonderful day!!!



Jan 16, 2009

"WOW" I never thought I would attempt to try and blog.. I cant promise this will be interesting to anyone but hey I will give it a shot.

A really close friend of mine decided she needed help making a scrapbook for her mom. (she doesnt craft at all) So she came to me and asked for my help. I knew right then and there she was asking me to make it for her. She has come over several times and I have done my best to teach her the in's and outs of scrapbooking 101. I think we did a pretty good job. Her Mom loves the book and keeps it out for everyone to see! Here are a couple pictures of Lorri's mom and dad from the early 60's