Oct 17, 2009

Happy Fall

It is so nice to wake up to cooler weather. However I am sure its going to get warmer as the day continues. I hear its suppose to be in the 80'S which is so much nicer than the high 90's...

I have been in a BIG funk lately. Just not sure how to work my way out of it. I have all these new stamps and have no want to, to walk in here to play! Guess I am feeling pulled into every direction. Between working, school, cooking, house work, lack of sleep, there is NO me time! Late lastnight I made myself make a card. I was thinking of Fall with this cooler weather and the evening getting dark sooner. I see the pumpkins being carved and people putting out their fall decorations. Make me wonder how I can be feeling so non excitant.... Ok back to the card....

I pulled out Chocolate brown, always artichoke, some fall deco paper, primas from my stash and new stamp set and this is what I came up with. I really love the deep rich dark colors of Fall... Hope you do to.

Oct 4, 2009

Busy Day!

Another busy busy day!

Its hard to believe the weekend is almost over. Where does the time go to? After a long day of marketing, making dinner, doing laundry and studying for a big test tomorrow I decided to take a break and be a little creative.... I pulled out my new Stampin Up deco paper, some designer eyelets (ghost and bats) My new Stamp set and started playing. I decided to use stickles on the eyes to make them glow. I am very pleased with the way this card came out. Hope you had a creative day!

Sep 27, 2009

Already Sunday...

Happy Sunday,

Its hard to believe this week is already over.... Man where did the weekend go to....
Today I decided I needed to make a copic marker journal. I went to get some markers for a friend and bought a couple for me while I was there, the only problem is I bought the ones I ALREADY HAD! UHG!!!!
Today I used my digital stamp from TGF, nesties, copics, ribbon and my bind it all.... Of dont forget about hodge podge hardwear and primas.... Hope you enjoy my project..
Have a happy Sunday evening!


Sep 23, 2009

Happy mail day for me!

Hello my fellow crafters. I wanted to share my new box of goodies. Mr. Brown delivered it and It was here when I got home yesterday. I just had a chance to open it. I am so excited I got 18 new stamp sets... Tons of CS, DP, several new ribbons, a ton of other stuff. Its like Christmas...If this doesnt keep me busy in my craft space then nothing will.... lol... I seriously dont know what to play with first! Anyone wanna come over and play?! Ok friends, I hope you all had a wonderful day!

Sep 21, 2009

Its Monday

Howdy crafters,

Lastnight I was looking through some old photos of my Grandparents and came across this picture. This was taken on their wedding day back in the 40's. I LOVE this picture. My grandparents looked so happy and so in Love. I decided I wanted to frame it but wanted something vintage to put the picture in. I found the back ground paper and thought it would be perfect. Then I came across some OLD buttons that grandmother had, flowers and ribbon and decided to make a tag. I have to admit this framed picture of grandma and grandpa is one of my favorite things. Who knew that 3.00 in products could make such a wonderful frame...

Thanks for looking at my project today. Hope you have a super day!


Sep 20, 2009

Being Thankful

Hi every one!

What a better day than today to be filled with happiness! After all its a day of rest after an oh so ever busy week! I am very thankful to have God, family and friends not to mention a job....Even though sometimes we seem to take things for granted sometimes you need to stop and be thankful for the things we have and the special relationships we have built. With that being said I woke up thinking about a very good friend whom is going through a nasty divorce. She has been the back bone of her husbands military career for 25 years. She put her wants and needs above anyone elses. Now that he has retired, he's decided he wants someone different, something new. I feel so bad for her. I have watched her agonize over the what if's, what could have been... He left her, their 7 year old son for a 21 year old. Anyway she has been on my mind alot the past few months. I woke up this morning wanting to do something to make her smile if only for a minute. We spent a girl day not to long ago and she started telling me how she wanted to change her room and bathroom to a different color. Browns, blues, tourquoise colors. I decided to take this 18x20 canvas I had laying around and do something with it. I headed to M's and found the perfect deco paper to match her room, came home and this is what I came up with. She recently went with her family to the beach for the weekend and has a fantastic picture of her intire family. I think this would be a great place for that photo. I sure hope she likes it!

Take today and hug your family and tell them how much they mean to you..
Happy Crafting,
Hugs "T"

Sep 14, 2009


Hello fellow bloggers,
I must admit Mondays are always crazy! I left hom at 7:30 am and just getting home at 9:00 PM... We have a student in our office and I really dislike training students. It seems like you get ONE good one and 10 bad ones. {This one is just UGH} So, I decided a few weeks ago to continue my eduaction. So I enrolled in a couple courses. I also took a second job two days a week in a Orthopedic ER. I started last Fridat after I got off my real job. Lets just say I now only have ONE free day a week and man ole man am I'm pooped today! The alarm went off at 5:30 and it took all I could to get out of bed and get ready for work. My big plan this week is to study on my lunch hour, work on a few cards and Keep a good attitude and stay positive. After all who could complain with a GREAT Husband, kids, friends....Thank you Lord for all the blessings you've given to me!!!!!. Hope everyone has a super night!
Hugs, "T"

Sep 11, 2009


Hi everyone,
This is just a quick post to let everyone know that my good friend Joni is giving away some awesome blog candy. Head over there and check it out! http://inktegrity.blogspot.com/2009/08/blog-candy-giveaway.html


Sep 10, 2009

Happy Thursday

Howdy all,

So I recently got in touch with my long lost friend Susan. We went to school together. Anyway she went threw some old pictures and found this one of me (solid red) and our friend Linda. This was taken at Susan's sweet 16. I have to laugh when I look at this picture because our hair was something else. We used to spend forever blow drying it straight just to turn around and feather it. The styles are so funny to me. Susan says Beyounce didnt create the booty dance I did. Ha...Ha... Get a look at our facial exspressions.... To stinken funny! Oh those we the days. All we had to do is worry about our friends, school and our boyfriends. Oh yes, lets dont forget about the parties and what we were doing on a Friday night. Gotta love old memories. Thanks Susan for sharing this silly photo with me..... Love ya girl!
have a super night everyone!

Sep 7, 2009

Happy Labor day...

I am so excited I have a Monday off to do whatever I want and not feel quilty... I slept till 11:00 this morning. Oh goodness I must have been tired.... Late lastnight I relized I promised my friend Martina I would make her a baby quilt for her new baby Reagan. The problem is she doesnt want the same ole same. She wants something retro and fun just like she is....I decided to look at my material stash and started pulling out fun material. The I started cutting. The only problem is now that I have my top almost done (I am deciding if I want to put a small boarder on it) I need to find some fun material for the back. Decisions... decisions ... Here's my thinking..... Do I really want to go to a material shop today? I know I will be in there forever and a day and buy more material to place in my stash.. Yes, I do, No I dont.... HA. I think I will stay out of there for today.... At this rate Reagan may be a teenager before I get this thing finished....

It's funny , no matter what kind of craft we do its bascially the same. Weather its, card making, scrapbooking, quilting, ect.. we have to put on our thinking cap and think out of our box. I also think very few crafters love their personal work. We all find flaws in our own work. Why is it that we can never seem to be satisfied?! Anyway that is my thinking for today.....lol...

Hope you all have a blassed day...

Hugs, "T"

Sep 6, 2009

Sunday evening

Hi everyone!
It's so hard to believe it's already Sunday. I am sooooo glad I dont have work tomorrow however Tuesday will be a busy day. Why is it that in a medical office people wait until the very last second to call and get script refills? Not to mention some pt's wait and insist on being seen the same day when they've been sick two weeks.... I dunno I just dont get it...

So yesterday I had a good time being creative with some Su punches and a Hostess set. Boy ole boy did I create one BIG MESS..... I have to admit it was enjoyable making my mess...lol... So here are a couple cards I played around with. Now go grab some stamps and have a blast.
Hugs, "T"

Aug 23, 2009

Almost finished!

Happy Sunday!!!
Today I am going to share a Twin size quilt I have been working on for what seems like forever! This is a pretty simple quilt to put together. I really LOVE fall colors. To bad Florida doesnt seem to have seasons. It really makes me miss Texas..... Anyway, I chose to put a green print on the back of my quilt to make it pop. The only thing I have left is the binding on the edges. I dont think I will get around to doing that today. However atleast I have finished it thus far. Hope you enjoy my little project.

Happy Sunday!

Aug 22, 2009

Finally back to work

HI everyone!

After what seems like being sick forever and a day I finally got released to go back to work on Monday. The only bad part of being released was being told I needed more blood work done. UGH!!!! I laughed and asked my dr. why he needed more lab work, I mean after all I was in the hospital for 7 days. Didnt he get enough blood then!?! My veins are exhausted and dont want to give any more blood for awhile.... I am thankful our heavenly father guided the Hopsital Dr.'s in the testing and showed them what was wrong. I am still feeling weak but better. Just taking things day by day. I would like to Thank my friends and family for all the flowers, plants, get well cards, books, stuffed animals and support they have shown me. Thanks to my husband for putting everything on the back burning and being by my side during what seemed like the longest hospital stay ever. For washing my hair and drying my tears..... STEVE YOUR THE BEST!!!!! I LOVE YOU. Justin, You somehow knew how scared I was but you kept me laughing... Thanks Boo Boo Bear!

One of the things I missed was my friend Martina's baby shower. She is having her second child on the 26th. She is naming her Reagan. How cute is that. One of the gifts I made her was a scrapbook out of the words BABY.... I had limited supplies with me but somehow came up with a simple book Martina loved..... Congrats Martina and Richard.....

Hope everyone has a Happy and eventful day!

Jul 26, 2009

Lost in the Ocean!

Happy Sunday!
We'll Steve and I decided to take the boat out for a fun filled day with Ash and Justin. We had a great time going down the springs. Swimming in 60 degree springs....Man ole man it seemed like it was 50 in the water. Then we water skiied and just had a great time. However an adventure begain when we noticed it was starting to storm and lightning started! This is where the excitement began...... We decided we would try and make it back to the boat launch where the boat is housed. Well we didnt make it in time. It started raining and I mean raining hard. Steve was driving the boat, Ash and I are covered up with towels to try and keep heavy rain off us. We are in the middle of the Ocean, couldnt see 5 feet in front of us. OMG I had to pee so bad...Finally after what seemed like forever we saw shore. Now finding where the boat was housed was a different story... The boat started rocking and rolling , rain falling harder and well to be honest I got a little scared and I know Steve did too. We have Justin saying man this is the best trip ever, Ash thought it was pretty kewl too. My camera, the cell phones, ipod everything got soaked.... Next thing I know the wind started to blow and I mean blow hard... Now I was really starting to worry. All the sudden we couldnt see shore it was like we were lost at sea. Things started blowing out of the boat.. It was an experiance..... You'll be Happy to know we finally made it, boat docked safely, However, two cells phones got soaked, Ipod doesnt work now, my glasses blew into the ocean and my camera well we wont even go there. The funny part is it wasnt suppose to rain today!
I would say we had quiet the adventure...
Hope everyone had a happy Sunday!

Jul 18, 2009

A good friend ask me to share my craft space. So here it is my Favorite room in the house. Its still a work in progress but still a fun place to be creative. I hope you enjoy my space...To see the rest go to my Gallery on SCS.... Thanks for looking..
Hugs, "T"

Jul 14, 2009

Hi everyone.

I am SO glad today is over... One of the girls at work is on vacation so we are short handed at the nurse station....It was a crazy insain day! Lots of physicals and lab work...

I am so Looking forward to this week being over with....

I want to share a card I worked on for Lorris bithday... This was really fun... I am loving the colors.....Not to mention who doesnt love some "Bling" I know I do.... I went ahead and uploaded everything on SCS I wanted to have it in my gallery for future ref.

Thanks for stoppin by and have a super night!

Hugs to all


Jul 13, 2009

Name Frame

Happy Monday everyone~~~

It was so busy at work today but I wanted to take a couple minutes to share with you a name frame I made lastnight for my friend Lorri's birthday this Friday. I didnt want to give her a same ole same gift. So I put my thinking cap on and came up with this.... I used SU black and turquoise, Su punches, Misc Ribbon, brads, I even broke out my sizzix machine and what girl doesnt love flowers.. The white background is all Dry embossed... I am really wishing my name was Lorri....lol.... Hope you all had a super fantastic Monday~~~

Hugs to all~~~ "T"

Jul 12, 2009

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Good Luck!

I cant believe its been so long since my last post.... After a couple months of not even wanting to walk into my craft room. Here I am....playing in my craft room again. Sure feels good to try and be creative..... I find that being creative helps keep my mind off the recent loses in my life. I want to say "Thank you" so much for the sweet friends in my life that have helped me through those loses. The cards and love that ya'll have shown me has meant more than words can say! I love you all! You know who you are!

The past few days I havent been able to sleep. Seems like I try to, but my mind races nonstop and then I am wide awake..... Steves says I am getting grouchy... LOL ya think, three days no sleep. You'd be grouchy too.....

Lastnight I came in here and made a holder for my TGF stamps. I wanted a container that was handy. I choose not to put ribbon on the handle because I thought it was cute the way it is...... I need to make a gift for my friend Lorri. Her birthday is Friday! I could make her a piece of crap and she'd say OMG I love it.... Lets see if I can come up with something she will "really" love... Hope you all have a Happy creative day!
Hugs, "T"

Apr 24, 2009


I am SO THANKFUL its Friday!
My question today is..........What do you do when someone you thought was your friend does things to stab you in the back and they think you dont know? Do you over look it, confront it, or know that you are a better person than that and go on about your day? I try to be as positive as I can but sometimes its really hard. I am a person that believes if you have an issue with someone then talk to that person about it not behind their back. I am a very straight forward person and I guess I exspect the same out of other people. Is that a bad thing? I dont think so!
On another note we found out that both our PA'S are pregnant. Congrats to them both!!!!
ok friends, I am outta here... HAPPY FRIDAY!

Apr 4, 2009

The big Day

Long time no post,
well this week I had to take my desk top to the computer doctor. He is somewhat sick. I get him back Monday. CANT WAIT considering he holds most of my pictures and downloads....
Yesterday we got to see Justin Graduate...... That was so exciting because he has gone through so much the last couple years and honestly I never thought I would see him in a cap and gown. I cant begin to tell you what pride we have seeing our baby becoming a man. The funny thing is Steve had the camera and only got one shot of Justin (not a good one) but dang it its a shot. Justin really dislikes the color red and thats the color his cap and gown was. By the time his dad and I got back there Justin had already shed the gown/cap and wasnt putting it back on to save the world. He said we could take new pictures of him in a different color...lol After graduation Steve and I stopped and he bought me a WII. We came home and played it and had a great time. I think we had the best time creating our characters....too funny. Well heres a couple pics of my Boo Boo Bear yesterday.... YEAH HAW Two kids now graduated!!!!!!

Mar 22, 2009


Happy Sunday!
We went to see Justin after 4 weeks of not seeing him. He was in good spirits and will be comming home in May. He seems very excited yet somewhat nervous! We left there and headed to Sams I was looking for a pair of earrings for my mommy's 60th birthday on Wed. Its hard to believe she was only 17 when she had me. Sure wish I could be there to celebrate with her.
Then I came home and made some alfredo for dinner. Sat down and pulled out the G phone I bought two weeks and still can not figure it out. Guess I will have to read the manual. UGH
On another note I finally finish the scrapbook for Chris. It seemed like it took forever and a day. I am so Happy to be finished with it! I am going to post a few more of the pictures. Hope you like it!

Mar 15, 2009

Happy Sunday,

"wow" cant believe the weekend is over and work is tomorrow! UGH Mondays are CRAZY!!! My handsome hubby decided we were having sushi for dinner. I LOVE sushi! I will prob have a glass of wine with it.......YUMO (as Marji says) On another note...I feel like I have been working on Lorris Military book forever and feel like its NEVER going to get finished. I made 5 more pages this weekend so I am up to 10 pages now. Only 10 more to go. Lets just hope I have enough creativity left.
I decided to take a small break from scrapbooking and make a couple cards. I totally LOVE TGF stamps. Its all Joni's fault! She just had to share.....lol... Anyway I wanted to share a couple cards with everyone.
Have a great Sunday Night!

Mar 14, 2009

Navy Album

Happy Saturday,

My latest project is a scrapbook for my good friend Lorri. Her Husband is retiring from the Navy. I am so honored that she asked me to do this album for her. To know that my work will be in a book full of their military memories means so much to me. I must admit this is the most difficult album I have ever put together and am a bit nervous that my work will not measure up.

Here ya go the first three pages.....

Have a super Saturday!!


Mar 11, 2009

Award from someone very Special to me

"WOW" Look what Jonesy pooh awarded me with. Thank you so much Jonesy!!!

Here are the steps for this award:

1. Say one nice thing about the man in your life~~ Steve is my strength, my very best friend and the love of my life. He is such a giving, hardworking, caring man. I am lucky I was the chosen one!
2. List at least six ways you measure success in your life:1. My marriage
2. My Family3. My ability to help others4. My relationships
5. My Strength 6. My accomplishments.Who do I give this award to:1. Tina~~: You truly are one of the sweetest people I have ever gotten the pleasure to meet.. I enjoy getting to see your beautiful artwork...
2. Suzy~~~ Not only are you a wonderfully talented artist but such a beautiful caring person. : I am so honored to have gotten to meet you last year!

Jonesy Pooh, You will never know how much I Love you. You are such a sweetheart. Thank you so much for honoring me with this award. It means so much to me.

Mar 3, 2009

Going Mental

Happy Tuesday!

Today was an average LONG Tuesday at work. I stopped and grabbed a couple prisma markers on lunch today and couldnt wait to come home and play with them. Seems like no matter how my day was the best way to relax is to come in my play room and create something. I am so LOVING my house of Mental stamps I got from TGF last week. I decided I wanted some trees in the back ground so I got Lovely as a Tree. I think that is such a great set of Stamps. I used pop dots on my bench to make it pop and I also used a embossing folder for the back ground. I really think this card turned out cute. Hope you enjoy it!


Mar 1, 2009

Happy Sunday,

I can not believe this weekend has gone by so quickly. I dont care very much for Sundays because that is followed by a BUSY BUSY BUSY Monday. Seems like the phones at work never stop ringing on Mondays! This morning I decided to work on a two page layout for Ashley. I decided to get out some of her modeling pictures and work with them. She is such a pretty girl and seems to get even more pretty as she gets older. Anyway Heres the layout I did this mrning. Hope you enjoy it the layout!


Feb 28, 2009

Scrappin Saturday Morning!

WOO HOO its FINALLY the weekend!

Seems like this week took forever! My project for this morning was to work on Justin's scrapbook. We have gone through a rough time with Justin the past year and half so when I saw this paper and the metal embellies I knew exactly what pictures I wanted to add. I decided to add pop dots to pop the words Unbelievable and Trouble. I found the metal embellies and knew they would be perfect for this layout. Then on my jourling I decided to write a little letter to Justin. Someday he will know just how much he is loved. He is such a cutie... Looking at these picks sure do make me smile!

Hope you have a super Saturday. Remember hug your kids and tell them how much you love them no matter what they do.

Feb 22, 2009

Happy play day!

So its Sunday and I decided the only thing I wanted to do was play in my room. I have not gotten to come in here and search the web or SCS in forever or so it seems. I dug out some deco papers and glitter paper I have had forever and a day and decided hummm what can I make with them. I even pulled out my nesties. The funny thing is I broke my B plate and was so Happy I had a couple extra ones laying around so I didnt have to leave the house. I even got to play with my new Greeting farm images. I decided to make criss cross pocket cards and am farely pleased w/ the turn out! After card making I decided to unmount a few stamps. OMG its amazing how much more space the blocks take up. It will take forever to finish unmounting them but just think of how many more stamps I can get...... I hope everyone had a eventful Sunday!


Feb 21, 2009


Happy Saturday everyone!

I am so excited my boxes are finally unpacked and I got to play with my stamps. YEA!!!! I saw this digital image on the Greeting Farm~~ House of Mental and all I could think of it those pt's that come in and are a real pain in the you know where. Well we have some power antibiotics, that can be somewhat painful if a little deadner isnt added.. Well sometimes we forget to add enough deadner and the shot hurts... Lets just say you should NEVER walk into your doctor's office ordering the nurses around and being demanding! On the vials of medications there are covers. I was drawing up an injection and thought the tops would be neat with this image on a card. The people at work thought I was CRAZY! Today I broke out the cuttlebug and my New Dorothy image, stickles and a couple band aids . This so reminds me of a busy day at work...This is what I came up with.

Feb 16, 2009

Happy Monday everyone!

As many of you know we have been in the middle of a move. OMG who knew a you could have so much stuff?! I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed...While I have unpacked several boxes I still have some to go. UGH it seems never ending! I did unpack some of my craft stuff. Still have about 10 boxes to go in here. Personally I think my craft space is smaller than it was but Steve says its bigger. I just cant wait to be everything organized. Here is a pic of my MESSY unorganized space. I will post a couple pic's when I have everything where it needs to be. Hope you have a super day and get lots of creating done!


Feb 10, 2009

Happy Tuesday

Hi everyone!

It was sure a busy Tuesday. Seems like every single pt needed labs today. I laughed and called it flag day because when the flags go up pts need something done! Anyway, When I came home tonight I worked on a couple scrapbook pages. This is my friend Lorri's family. I think the pages turned out pretty well. I really like the layout and colors. I love to add deminson to my pages by using pop dots and chip board and other embellishments.

Hope you enjoy my layout! Have a super night!!!


Feb 8, 2009

Happy Sunday!

I keep forgetting to mention that a pt of mine will be on wife swap Friday the 13th. I am planning on DVRing it. She told me some of the things that happened and I couldnt believe it. I am not sure 20 grand would be worth it. I mean the other person gets to chose how you spend that money. From what I hear it wasnt pretty....

On another note. My house is pretty much all packed up and ready to be moved. I feel strange sitting in my play room with NOTHING to play with. I feel lost. I got three new stamps in yesterday from ATS and cant wait to ink those babies up. I love the Changito Monkeys.

I cant believe this week my baby boy is turning "18" its doesnt seem possible.

On another note Ash, decided to get a new tat on her foot. It reminds me of a flower child...lol I like the swirleys but not really fond of the heart. She designed it herself. Here's a picture of it.
Hope you all have a Happy Sunday!

Feb 7, 2009

Happy Saturday!!

OH MY GOODNESS Last night was so much fun! BB KING and BUDDY GUY were both AWESOME! We went to dinner with two other couples to a new spanish place. It was pretty good, Then we all headed to the concert. Lets just say I have the worst headache today from too many beers lastnight. I could sure tell what time I normally go to bed because I was really yawning about 11:00. We got home around 1 this morning and went straight to sleep. We got some great pictures from both bands. The neatest thing was watching everyone dancing in the isles, young, old, older it didnt matter everyone was really enjoying themselves.
This morning we got up and started packing the house. The big move is next weekend and it seems the more I pack the more that needs to be packed. Its never ending! Its to the point I still have so many things in my craft room that needs to be packed I am thinking of giving it away so I dont have to put it in a box! O well, we shall see! Here are a couple pictures from lastnight. Hope you enjoy them.


Feb 3, 2009

Happy Tuesday,
Didnt get any crafting done today due to working late Tuesday evenings. What a crazy day. We found out today that on a simple nurse visit we now HAVE to take vitals and get their med list. UM hello they are there for a simple blood draw, injections simple stuff. Not a complete work up. Ok enough of my complaining. It is what it is!
I CAN NOT wait until Friday night. A group of us are going to see BB King. For those of you who dont know who BB King is he's an awesome Jazz musician. One of the all time greats. I am so excited we got tickets. I suprised my hubby with the tickets a couple weeks ago. I am just glad he is excited as I am. Well chicka dees I gotta clock out and go home. Hope everyone had a super day!

Feb 2, 2009

Happy Monday!

Its raining big time here in the sunny state. Its even a bit chilly. I dont mind the rain as long as I am at work and I dont have to drive in it with all the crazy drivers. Ha~ Arent we all that way? Today I want to share my need for organization! I believe everything needs to be organized. At least for me it does. My craft room is one of my very favorite places to hang out and I tend to get frusterated if everything isnt in its place. My friends say I am a neat freak. lol... I wonder where they get that! I just like things nice and tidy. I found these rolly bens at Joanns. They are

12 x 12 , have 6 drawers and perfect for my scrapbooking projects. I have each compartment labeled with beach, Christmas, punk stuff ect. You get the picture! I store all paper, embellies, ribbon that I purchased for that project. Even the photos I plan on using. This way when I am ready to work on it, I can pull out the ben and everythings there without having to search for what I need. Then when I am done for the day I can put it all back in the ben and its ready for the next time I want to work on that project. The bens are normaly 59.99 but with a 50% coupon its well worth 30 bucks. I think I will pull out a project and work on it. Hope you all have a super day!


Feb 1, 2009

Happy Sunday Everyone!
I spent the day seeing Justin. Its hard to believe he will be 18 on the 12th. My baby boy is growing up too fast! Lastnight I finally finished up my Riley swap for Christy's swap. I just could'nt myslef motivated before lastnight to work on them! I am so Happy to finally have them done! Now I need to finish my swap for Miss Jonesy Pooh. I have Anya all colored and need to come up with a layout for the image. My creative juices just arent flowing. UGH. Well the Super bowl is starting and I am going to watch the Steelers kick some booty! GO STEELERS!