Jan 28, 2009

Happy Hump day!

Question of the day! Do you ever feel like god has given you more than you can handle?

I know the saying go's god never gives us more than we can handle, however my goodness how much can a person deal with. I am writing this for my own personal issues so I can get it off my chest. Here's the deal. For the past year to year and a half I feel like life has been a bad blurr. Sometimes I wonder why me? What have I done to deserve all this drama. Have I been a bad mom, coworker, friend, person?! Who knows. I mean goodness it all started with my dad passing away, to grandma getting Alzheimer(going from stage 1 to 4) and me feeling very guilty for not being with her, to All the drama with Justin, knee surgery, the house issues, my health issues, two of my favorite pt's passing away in the past three weeks and if that isnt enough now issues with work. So I ask how much is too much? I seem to be in a slump and have no clue as to how to turn this slump around. I used to come in my craft room and create, somehow that would always make me feel better. now I dont even want to do that! LOL, if I talk at work its taken as me being mean or sarcastic, if I dont talk then its taken as me being mad. I swear when is enough enough?! How do I act like everything is ok when it's not? How do we act all happy go lucky when were not?

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