Mar 22, 2009


Happy Sunday!
We went to see Justin after 4 weeks of not seeing him. He was in good spirits and will be comming home in May. He seems very excited yet somewhat nervous! We left there and headed to Sams I was looking for a pair of earrings for my mommy's 60th birthday on Wed. Its hard to believe she was only 17 when she had me. Sure wish I could be there to celebrate with her.
Then I came home and made some alfredo for dinner. Sat down and pulled out the G phone I bought two weeks and still can not figure it out. Guess I will have to read the manual. UGH
On another note I finally finish the scrapbook for Chris. It seemed like it took forever and a day. I am so Happy to be finished with it! I am going to post a few more of the pictures. Hope you like it!


  1. T, I am so happy for you guys!!! I know it seems like forever since Justin has been home and that this has been a long journey to go through! (((HUGS)))

    I love how the book turned out~they are going to LOVE it!

    Wishing your Mom a very Happy Birthday!

  2. YAY! It's always great to get a project finished!