Apr 4, 2009

The big Day

Long time no post,
well this week I had to take my desk top to the computer doctor. He is somewhat sick. I get him back Monday. CANT WAIT considering he holds most of my pictures and downloads....
Yesterday we got to see Justin Graduate...... That was so exciting because he has gone through so much the last couple years and honestly I never thought I would see him in a cap and gown. I cant begin to tell you what pride we have seeing our baby becoming a man. The funny thing is Steve had the camera and only got one shot of Justin (not a good one) but dang it its a shot. Justin really dislikes the color red and thats the color his cap and gown was. By the time his dad and I got back there Justin had already shed the gown/cap and wasnt putting it back on to save the world. He said we could take new pictures of him in a different color...lol After graduation Steve and I stopped and he bought me a WII. We came home and played it and had a great time. I think we had the best time creating our characters....too funny. Well heres a couple pics of my Boo Boo Bear yesterday.... YEAH HAW Two kids now graduated!!!!!!


  1. Hi T~I am so excited four you and Steve. I know its been a long road to travel but it's all coming together! CONGRATS to Justin!!!

  2. Yay Justin! I am so happy for you and Steve, what a great accomplishment for all of you to weather through life under one umbrella. :D OMWord, he has grown since we first met 3+ years ago!