Jul 26, 2009

Lost in the Ocean!

Happy Sunday!
We'll Steve and I decided to take the boat out for a fun filled day with Ash and Justin. We had a great time going down the springs. Swimming in 60 degree springs....Man ole man it seemed like it was 50 in the water. Then we water skiied and just had a great time. However an adventure begain when we noticed it was starting to storm and lightning started! This is where the excitement began...... We decided we would try and make it back to the boat launch where the boat is housed. Well we didnt make it in time. It started raining and I mean raining hard. Steve was driving the boat, Ash and I are covered up with towels to try and keep heavy rain off us. We are in the middle of the Ocean, couldnt see 5 feet in front of us. OMG I had to pee so bad...Finally after what seemed like forever we saw shore. Now finding where the boat was housed was a different story... The boat started rocking and rolling , rain falling harder and well to be honest I got a little scared and I know Steve did too. We have Justin saying man this is the best trip ever, Ash thought it was pretty kewl too. My camera, the cell phones, ipod everything got soaked.... Next thing I know the wind started to blow and I mean blow hard... Now I was really starting to worry. All the sudden we couldnt see shore it was like we were lost at sea. Things started blowing out of the boat.. It was an experiance..... You'll be Happy to know we finally made it, boat docked safely, However, two cells phones got soaked, Ipod doesnt work now, my glasses blew into the ocean and my camera well we wont even go there. The funny part is it wasnt suppose to rain today!
I would say we had quiet the adventure...
Hope everyone had a happy Sunday!


  1. WOW~sounds like quit an adventure!! Glad to hear that you are all safe & sound and that only small replaceable things were lost. That must of been scary!

  2. Oh my goodness T - what an... ahem... adventure. I would've been so scared I would've peed my pants! I'm glad you guys made it safely back!!

  3. Hi T, hope you are taking it easy and are starting to feel a bit better!! I wanted to let you know that I left you a little gift on my blog today. When you are up to it, come check it out. (((BIG HUGS)))