Aug 22, 2009

Finally back to work

HI everyone!

After what seems like being sick forever and a day I finally got released to go back to work on Monday. The only bad part of being released was being told I needed more blood work done. UGH!!!! I laughed and asked my dr. why he needed more lab work, I mean after all I was in the hospital for 7 days. Didnt he get enough blood then!?! My veins are exhausted and dont want to give any more blood for awhile.... I am thankful our heavenly father guided the Hopsital Dr.'s in the testing and showed them what was wrong. I am still feeling weak but better. Just taking things day by day. I would like to Thank my friends and family for all the flowers, plants, get well cards, books, stuffed animals and support they have shown me. Thanks to my husband for putting everything on the back burning and being by my side during what seemed like the longest hospital stay ever. For washing my hair and drying my tears..... STEVE YOUR THE BEST!!!!! I LOVE YOU. Justin, You somehow knew how scared I was but you kept me laughing... Thanks Boo Boo Bear!

One of the things I missed was my friend Martina's baby shower. She is having her second child on the 26th. She is naming her Reagan. How cute is that. One of the gifts I made her was a scrapbook out of the words BABY.... I had limited supplies with me but somehow came up with a simple book Martina loved..... Congrats Martina and Richard.....

Hope everyone has a Happy and eventful day!


  1. limited supplies, my arse! that is stinkin cute!

  2. T~this is too cute!! Love the album done in the pink, green & yellow color combo! Fabulous job!