Sep 10, 2009

Happy Thursday

Howdy all,

So I recently got in touch with my long lost friend Susan. We went to school together. Anyway she went threw some old pictures and found this one of me (solid red) and our friend Linda. This was taken at Susan's sweet 16. I have to laugh when I look at this picture because our hair was something else. We used to spend forever blow drying it straight just to turn around and feather it. The styles are so funny to me. Susan says Beyounce didnt create the booty dance I did. Ha...Ha... Get a look at our facial exspressions.... To stinken funny! Oh those we the days. All we had to do is worry about our friends, school and our boyfriends. Oh yes, lets dont forget about the parties and what we were doing on a Friday night. Gotta love old memories. Thanks Susan for sharing this silly photo with me..... Love ya girl!
have a super night everyone!


  1. Look at you T!! I'd love to know what song you all were boogying down to. hahaha! This is so great, the good times...oh my word. Kids don't realize how wonderful they have it now. If I could be this age but with that attitude and little responsibilities, I would be happy. :D Love the hair...funny how styles come back into fashion. ;)

  2. Great photo T!! Love the hair~too fun!!