Feb 7, 2009

Happy Saturday!!

OH MY GOODNESS Last night was so much fun! BB KING and BUDDY GUY were both AWESOME! We went to dinner with two other couples to a new spanish place. It was pretty good, Then we all headed to the concert. Lets just say I have the worst headache today from too many beers lastnight. I could sure tell what time I normally go to bed because I was really yawning about 11:00. We got home around 1 this morning and went straight to sleep. We got some great pictures from both bands. The neatest thing was watching everyone dancing in the isles, young, old, older it didnt matter everyone was really enjoying themselves.
This morning we got up and started packing the house. The big move is next weekend and it seems the more I pack the more that needs to be packed. Its never ending! Its to the point I still have so many things in my craft room that needs to be packed I am thinking of giving it away so I dont have to put it in a box! O well, we shall see! Here are a couple pictures from lastnight. Hope you enjoy them.


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