Feb 8, 2009

Happy Sunday!

I keep forgetting to mention that a pt of mine will be on wife swap Friday the 13th. I am planning on DVRing it. She told me some of the things that happened and I couldnt believe it. I am not sure 20 grand would be worth it. I mean the other person gets to chose how you spend that money. From what I hear it wasnt pretty....

On another note. My house is pretty much all packed up and ready to be moved. I feel strange sitting in my play room with NOTHING to play with. I feel lost. I got three new stamps in yesterday from ATS and cant wait to ink those babies up. I love the Changito Monkeys.

I cant believe this week my baby boy is turning "18" its doesnt seem possible.

On another note Ash, decided to get a new tat on her foot. It reminds me of a flower child...lol I like the swirleys but not really fond of the heart. She designed it herself. Here's a picture of it.
Hope you all have a Happy Sunday!

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