Feb 3, 2009

Happy Tuesday,
Didnt get any crafting done today due to working late Tuesday evenings. What a crazy day. We found out today that on a simple nurse visit we now HAVE to take vitals and get their med list. UM hello they are there for a simple blood draw, injections simple stuff. Not a complete work up. Ok enough of my complaining. It is what it is!
I CAN NOT wait until Friday night. A group of us are going to see BB King. For those of you who dont know who BB King is he's an awesome Jazz musician. One of the all time greats. I am so excited we got tickets. I suprised my hubby with the tickets a couple weeks ago. I am just glad he is excited as I am. Well chicka dees I gotta clock out and go home. Hope everyone had a super day!

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  1. I didn't get any crafting done either. I've been doing some blog redesign work for Miss Libby and I just didn't get to stamp anything! Have fun at the concert!